Delicious Fourth of July Fruit Fraisier

I have been seeing pictures of fruit fraisiers popping up all over the internet for a while now, and every time I do I say, “Yes!  I must make one of those!” and then, well, then…I chicken out.  You see, pastry cream and I have not always been the best of friends, I suppose this comes from the fact that I have never had central air/heating and so my pastry cream turns to mush before my very eyes (damn need for temperature control!)  And being a vegetarian, enforcing my pastry cream with gelatin is not an option and so, I had to find another way.

This lead to my experimenting  with agar.  Yes, I mean EXERIMENTing, I had no idea what I was doing folks.  Now, let me tell you about the failures! I had one batch of pastry cream that more like playdough than cream, and one that was downright rubbery and chewy–yuck, but eventually I found a recipe that worked–it held-but not too much, it was creamy (not chewy) and didn’t mush!  Yay no mushy!

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VOTE FOR ME! (Bake My Cake 2012)

Hi Everyone!

I made it to the final round in the competition!  Please come out and support by voting for me! Click Here ( to go to the website and vote!  Please tell all your friends to vote too, this round is going to be much harder to win! Thank you in advance, I appreciate your support!


Vote For Me! (Fun and Delicious Bake My Cake 2012 Submission)

I entered the Bake My Cake 2012 contest hosted by the wonderful Movita Beaucoup!  The rules?  Bust out a rockin’ cake, submit, then go enjoy said cake…mmmmm.

How did I go about doing this?  I picked all my favorite flavors and fun stuffs, and stacked them, layer by layer, until the cake was complete!  And it totally worked, I mean, who could ask for a better birthday cake?!

So, of course, the only question you want to ask right now is, “What all is in that amazing cake Eliza?!?!???” Don’t worry, I’ll tell you everything you want to know and more!

So, let’s sart off with the fact that this is not just any cake (that you must understand) but a birthday cake and those are always more special.  This is a birthday cake that is also not just a cake, but donuts too; and not just a cake and donuts, but full of strawberries!!  Oooh fresh strawberries are everywhere in this cake, inside-outside-underside-upside (even on the flipside baby!) and last, but certainly not least, this cake sparkles, because every birthday girl needs sparkles on their cake.
 Oh–and it is delicious.  This you must imagine for I cannot send you a slice, but imagine you will, and your mouth will water and your tummy will grumble; and though you may try to hold out you won’t be able to for long and you will race to the kitchen to bake this cake for yourself (yes, please, have yourself a very, merry unbirthday on me!)
So, I started with my favorite kind of cake, favorite because of its moist texture and rich flavor, the Burnt Sugar Cake.  Then I filled that cake with vanilla pastry cream and fresh chopped strawberries.  For the frosting I stuck with those deep caramelly flavors that are in the Burnt Sugar Cake and made a Brown Sugar Buttercream (lets just pause a moment here and give thanks for this delicious frosting!)…
Ok, So drizzled over these layers of strawberry cream filled cakes from heaven is a fresh strawberry milk glaze (blend up confectioners sugar, fresh strawberries and a bit of heavy cream–drizzle and let set) and then we adorned this wonderful cake with barrels of freshly made (straight from my deep fryer!–I love an excuse to use my deep fryer!) chocolate and buttermilk donut holes that have been bedecked in fresh strawberry glaze, strawberry milk glaze and sparkly pink sugar!
If it had been closer to the 4th, I would have gotten sparklers and stuck them amongst the donuts to create a true firecracker of a cake (because birthday girls need firecrackers)!  And oh how pretty that would have looked!
So I bequeath this cake to you, the birthday girls of the world (especially to Movita) in hopes that it will make your day a bit brighter and a whole lot yummier!

The voting starts tomorrow, April 29th, at 8AM, please visit Movita Beaucoup at her website and vote for me!